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Drop your images

Drop your images It's really easy to let me know what needs to be done. Just drag & drop your images in your web browser or in a shared Dropbox folder. You can then control the process step by step, or you can have the entire process automated. You can also easily manage the individual images in projects and collections.

Easy comparison

No need to download the processed image and open it in Photoshop; you can see the result directly in your web browser. Use your workflow to tell us whether the image is processed correctly, or if you want us to do some extra work.

Tailor made

Being your personal assistant we process your images the way you want them processed, using your file specifications and/or your personal or target group's preferences and wishes.

On the same page

In your web browser you can easily see which images are being processed and which ones are waiting for your approval. You can filter on process and status, so you can quickly find out what you have to approve and what we are working on.

Controling what you want: fully in control or sit back

You can have as much control as you want. Control the entire process yourself, or let us do the job for you automatically and focus fully on your own tasks

Clear workflow and easy comparison

Create a project, make a collection and drag & drop your images in your web browser. The images are being processed immediately. Filtering on status you can see whether images are being worked on or need your input. After clicking on an image you'll see two versions of that image on a split-screen: you select the one you want. For manual intervention, just click the 'Tools and Processes' button and tell us what needs to be done.

Step 1
Get to know you

To get the images exactly the way you want them to be, we need to get to know you and your taste. Completely free of charge and it only takes a little bit of your precious time. To speed up this process you can already fill out my online 'taste survey', so we might know your preferences even before we actually speak, see or e-mail each other. It's also easy and fun!

Step 2
Personal playground

We'll then create your own personal digital playground. This is your space on the web where you can test and fine-tune your preferences according to your needs. Your personal playground can also be connected to your personal Dropbox, simply let us know and we'll hook you up.

Step 3
Assisting you

You can then drag and drop your images in your personal playground. You can monitor the entire process and status of your images; 24/7. And when you need more assistance, all you have to do is tell us: we're always around.